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Circuit Design:   

    If your project/product requirements cannot be met by integration of Commercial Off The Shelf  (COTS) subsystems we will create a PCB specific to your needs.   In concert with our partners we can take your product idea from concept to working prototypes in a remarkably short time.

    Prior experience includes a variety of demanding mixed signal acquisition and  actuator control systems for industrial, aerospace,  and instrumentation applications.  

  Our design concepts are embedded in a wide range of products from mass produced building air flow controls to unique research lasers.

Software Design  . . . .

Code Fade

     Whether hosted by an off-the-shelf processor platform or one designed specifically for your product,   Littlefield Associates  can create the software to bring your product to life.   From deeply embedded,  resource constrained CPUs to workstations and high end PCs,  and from assembly through C(++) to visual object oriented environments ,  we've  done it.     Prior projects have included real time signal processing and closed loop control,  image processsing,   display generation,   cryptography,  automated device calibration,  and communications.  
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