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      Our clients have created some interesting (sometimes unique!) products.     See some examples and links to their websites below.  

Goembel Instruments contracted with Payload Systems,  Elf Electronics, and Littlefield Associates to develop this "flight like"  electron spectrometer instrument.   SCM  Littlefield Associates provided the analog electronics and HV power supply design along with a Tcl/Tk based graphical control panel for ground support use.     
The Center for Space Research at MIT contracted with us to provide an RCTU (a type of communications interface) used to communicate with the Chandra X-ray telescope.    Our Chandra_smallLRCTU (Littlefield RCTU!)  is still being used to interface a network of workstations to the ground based Chandra engineering prototype at the MIT Kavli Institute for Astrophysics  and Space Research.     We also developed MIPS R3000 embedded firmware which the hardware team used to test Chandra's on-board image handling hardware. 
QPeak Logo    QPeak makes leading edge solid state laser systems for research and industrial applications.   Littlefield Associates has contributed hardware design,  firmware development, and VB user interfaces to a number of programs at QPeak.
TAS LogoWe have worked with Tek-Air Systems to provide enhanced electronic controls, automation network interfaces, and production QA/QC tools  for Tek-Air's airflow and environmental monitoring products.  
ACT DatahopperAmerican Control Technologies Ltd. called on us for hardware design and firmware development for their Datahopper product line.   The Datahopper provides an innovative combination of  Modbus router/concentrator,  local analog and digital I/O,  and on-board user programmable logic functions.
PTS Instrument    When Programmed Test Sources Inc. wanted to add an enhanced GPIB interface to their line of fast switching low noise frequency synthesizers they contacted Littlefield Associates.    We designed a PCB, FPGA logic, and firmware to implement the GPIB interface and SCPI command set.